I’m baaaaack!

Hey everyone! How’s it going?

It’s taken a while, but yes, I’m back. That urge, that itch to dive into the lives of Cody and Ryan and Madison and Declan and Abby and … well, I can’t tell you who ends up with Abby because that would be giving away book three.

And yes, there will be a book three.

… Anyway, that itch is back!

I’ve spent the last week in the mountains, which is where part of ...

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Dreams. Really Weird Dreams.

I had a dream this morning I was working with NCIS. I actually had Gibbs’ phone number and could call him whenever I wanted. The weird part was, neither he nor any other member of the team were actually IN the dream.

I was driving a school bus, but I was attending the school. At first I thought I was going into 8th grade, then I realized (in this dream) I was older, and I was really going into 10th grade. ...

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Happy Mother’s Day, Mom

Today is Mother’s Day.

It’s also the forty-sixth day Mom’s been gone.

We haven’t spent Mother’s Day together the last several years as she was busy with The Past Passed Here and I was in another state. But this year is different. This year, I can’t call and leave a message on the answering machine she’ll hear when she gets home. I can’t call the florist and order a bouquet of flowers or a hanging plant she’ll see that will remind her she’s my mom and I love her. ...

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Siany / CC-Butt / Bubby

Almost 11 years ago, I convinced a friend of mine to visit a pet store with me that was hosting a pet adoption. I grew up with a dog, Frisky. He was a border collie that liked to play and run and chase balls. Since I finally had my own house, it seemed one of the missing pieces was a dog. Before we left for the adoption event, I looked online and saw an all black 3-year-old dog that was a border collie/chow mix. ...

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Marmaduke Thunderpaws

August 10, 2015

Dear Rodent,

It appears you have taken up residence in my house, and I gotta say, I’m not crazy about the idea. I don’t know where your little paws and tail and beady-little eyes have been. And the idea of you scurrying around my house when the lights are out is just … *SHIVER*

Chewing your way into the Ziploc baggie of dog food was kind of ingenious though. And I get it, you like the little chicken bits better than the other ...

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