I’m baaaaack!

Hey everyone! How’s it going?

It’s taken a while, but yes, I’m back. That urge, that itch to dive into the lives of Cody and Ryan and Madison and Declan and Abby and … well, I can’t tell you who ends up with Abby because that would be giving away book three.

And yes, there will be a book three.

… Anyway, that itch is back!

I’ve spent the last week in the mountains, which is where part of Abby’s book will take place, and the ideas have been coming. The twists and turns and character quirks have been buzzing around my head. The outline is laid out, and the words have started to flow.

I’m excited to share more of who Abby is, a bit of what she and Jake have gone through, and what it took for her heart to mend after Trey walked out. She’s made appearances in The Shore and For You, but this next book will be all about her.

So when should you expect Abby’s story? I haven’t a clue. Not a one. I know how long it took me to write Ryan’s story, and then Madison’s, but your guess is as good as mine as to how long it will take to write Abby’s. You can always check here and on Facebook and Instagram to see how things are going. Ya’ll be the first to know. See? I’ve been down south and it’s rubbing off!

Thank you for your patience, and thanks to everyone who has asked when the next book will be ready. That’s the best thing an author can hear. And let me tell you how weird it is to call myself an author!

Talk soon!!


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