Random Thoughts

I have struggled with getting the words out for my next book, if you want to know the truth. The plot is mostly there, and I think I’ve even landed on a title, but the character development and quirks of the story are still getting flushed out. It’s just not … coming.

I was never a writer growing up. I didn’t lament over words. I didn’t crave to sit with pen and paper and craft words into magical sentences. But, while writing the two books I did actually write, I learned to love writing. It’s creative. It’s therapeutic. It’s cathartic. I can do it sitting in a coffee shop or relaxing on the beach. And, quite frankly, I believe it saved me during a really hard and dark time.

And, if someone enjoys what I have to say, even better. 

A good friend once insisted I write something called “36 Hours of Susie.” I thought she was mad (the crazy kind, not the angry kind). Seriously. Because who in their right mind would care about what I had to say? Well, when I shared Random Thoughts From my Brain (while sitting on the toilet) and my idea for the first post, her response was “THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!“ I’m not exaggerating with the caps or exclamation points either.

So, since the progress on the next book is … lacking, I thought I’d play around with some short blog posts about my random thoughts. Watch for the first official post in the next day or so.

And yes, some of these ideas did come from time spent on the toilet. I mean, my best ideas usual come from my time in the bathroom. Don’t yours?


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