Siany / CC-Butt / Bubby

Almost 11 years ago, I convinced a friend of mine to visit a pet store with me that was hosting a pet adoption. I grew up with a dog, Frisky. He was a border collie that liked to play and run and chase balls. Since I finally had my own house, it seemed one of the missing pieces was a dog. Before we left for the adoption event, I looked online and saw an all black 3-year-old dog that was a border collie/chow mix. And she was freaking cute.

When we arrived at the event, we bee-lined to where she was being held. I don’t recall anyone else looking at her then, and we were told we could take a walk throughout the store to get to know her. She was a little afraid, and so was I. I’d had a pet before, but she would be mine. All mine. Within minutes, she had drawn a crowd and we literally had to keep the them back because so many people were interested in her.

I guess timing is everything.

I took her home for our two-week trial. I don’t recall the name the shelter had given her, but whatever it was didn’t fit her. She’s all black, with the exception of her feet and just a bit of her legs, which is tan. Black and tan. I’m not a huge beer drinker, but Guinness seemed the likely choice. We tossed it around for about 20 minutes as we played with her in the backyard, but it just didn’t seem right. After throwing around several typical female dog names, I thought about what I enjoyed most. Music. And at that time, I was playing a lot of pieces written by Suzanne Ciani. I liked the name, but didn’t care for the spelling, so I changed it. Siany. That name stuck. And let’s face it – the name is unique, and so was she.

The two-week trial ended and I took her back to finalize the paperwork. Signatures or not, she was already mine. We did learn that day, however, that her original owners named her Chloe and it was because of her vet that she was still with us. Her original owners had asked the vet to put her down because they didn’t have time for her. This sweet, adorable, doesn’t-bite, doesn’t-snip, hardly-ever-barks, lets-you-sleep-in-on-Saturday-mornings beautiful puppy …

In no time Siany ruled the roost. She claimed her space on the living room couch, the middle of my bed, and the bedroom in the back of the house – so she could watch squirrels run around the backyard. The footstool part of my recliner was even off limits to me, because she liked to lay between my legs and sleep. She loved car rides with the windows all the way down (no matter the temperature), going to the dog park (although instead of playing with the other dogs she’d sit at my feet and watch everyone else), and french fries, preferably McDonalds, but she wasn’t picky. And of all the toys she got, Froggie and Moo-Cow were the two she’d play with. Froggie would ribbit, and Moo-Cow would moo. Anything else was quickly left in the dust.

Siany was social with other dogs. She liked them, or tolerated them, and never snapped or growled, unless they were trying to take her food or treats. She was protective of her home and would bark at the mailman, but if a tech came in to fix the cable or clean the furnace, she’d lick them until she was told to stop (and even that didn’t always work). A helluva watchdog she was not.

Like many dogs getting up there in age, Siany began to develop arthritis in her hips. She never whimpered or whined, but the pain could be seen when she would stand and her movements started to slow. The last month or so, the arthritis progressed very quickly and a mass in her spleen began to develop. The last 72 hours have been extremely tough. She would meet me at the door when I got home, but refuse to eat (even french fries). She would take a drink of water but didn’t have the strength to stand after peeing. And last night she did something she’s never let me do in the almost 11 years we were together – she let me snuggle her.

Siany’s free now. She’s no longer in pain. Her hips work and she can run and jump and play amongst the other dogs. And I hope whoever is up there with her takes her for long car rides and shares their french fries with her.

I miss you, CC-Butt, so much. I love you.


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